Actions To Take When Concrete-Cutting

Whether you plan to cut concrete to remove a concrete deck or to replace a floor in your industrial warehouse, it's important that you go about it in the right way to avoid trouble and unnecessary stress. Using these tips, you can successfully finish whatever concrete project you are working on.

Secure Right Permits

One thing that could cause problems for you is that you fail to secure the right permits for the work you're planning. The township or city you live in may ask you to complete an application and present blueprints of what you're hoping to do; if you don't do that, fines could be levied against you.

You may also want to discuss what you'll do with waste from the project, as guidelines might be in place for that as well. You could need a permit for any dumpsters you are going to have on-site. It's also possible that recycling centers in the area can take any extra concrete pieces.

Look Closely at the Diamond Blade Each Day Before You Use It

Generally, a saw with a diamond blade is used to cut concrete. It's smart to look at your blade and saw every time you plan to use them so that you're sure the blade is tightly in place. Check out the belts and spindle in particular. You may even want to invest in a tachometer to ensure that the diamond blades are spinning fast enough; consult your saw's manual to determine what a proper reading should be for your particular saw.

Do a Shallow First Cut

It can be difficult and grueling to do a deep cut at first, especially when you plan to do a lot of cutting. You may also find it a challenge to stick with the lines that you planned. To make the job an easier one, take your diamond blade saw and do a shallow cut. This shallow cut will ensure that you stick to any outlines so that there are fewer cutting mistakes, and subsequents cuts won't take as much work.

Use Boots and Gloves

Whether you've been working with concrete for some time or this is your first project, it's vital that you take action to protect your fingers, toes and other body parts. You might already plan to use goggles, but ensure that you have hard-toe boots and gloves, even if you trust your ability to be careful.

With the guidance above, you'll be better able to cut concrete and get your project finished. Talk to others in the industry and consult a contractor, like one from Web Granite Supplies, who can provide further assistance.

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