Five Reasons Why You May Want To Choose A Single Axle Trailer

One of the biggest choices you'll need to make when choosing a trailer to meet your hauling needs is whether you want a single or double/tandem axle model. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but it's important to choose the right model for your particular needs so that you don't compromise efficiency but still have enough power to get the job done right.

A single axle is the best option in many situations. The following are five of the major advantages offered by single axle trailers that you should take into account when choosing the right trailer model:

A single axle trailer weighs less and therefore consumes less fuel to pull.

Single axle trailers are generally more economical. They are smaller trailers that don't weigh as much as more elaborate double axle designs.

You will probably find that your hauling vehicle consumes considerably less fuel with a single axle model than with a double axle model.

A single axle trailer doesn't take up as much space.

If storage space around your facility is limited, a single axle trailer might be the best option for hauling. Single axle trailers can typically fit into smaller spaces.

This doesn't only benefit you when storing trailer equipment at your facility, but also when you're out and about. A single axle trailer will fit into smaller spaces so that it will be easier to find a place to park and place your trailer when you're on the road. 

Driving with a single axle trailer in tow is easier than driving with a double axle trailer in tow.

Driving with a trailer that's loaded with heavy equipment can be challenging and even hazardous if the driver is inexperienced. A single axle trailer is typically easier to maneuver out on the road and on a worksite than a larger double axle trailer is.

You could find that your trailer needs repairs less frequently with a single axle design.

A double axle trailer has additional sets of mechanical components like brakes, tires, and bearings. This can make it so that it requires maintenance and repairs more often because these additional mechanical components will experience wear and tear over time.

Single axle trailers are often more affordable than double axle models.

A double axle trailer is a more complex and heavier duty piece of equipment. As such, it will typically cost more than a single axle trailer. You can potentially save money on enclosed trailers if you choose a single axle model.

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