3 Reasons To Invest In Crane Operator Certifications For Your Crew

When it comes to completing any major construction project, having access to a crane can be beneficial in reducing the amount of time required to move heavy loads. Because cranes can be complex, only crew members certified to operate these heavy pieces of machinery should be allowed to sit at the controls. Getting crew members certified should be a top priority for any construction foreman.

Here are three reasons why you need to invest in crane operator certifications for your crew members.

1. When your crew members are certified, you don't need to bring in outside help.

Because having a certified operator is important, you will have to hire outside help if none of your crew members have current certifications. Bringing on a new crane operator can present some unique challenges. These new employees will not be familiar with the way that your crew works, so there will be an adjustment period that could cause the work on your project to slow significantly.

You may have to hire different crane operators for each job, which can reduce consistency and disrupt the social aspect of your crew. By training existing crew members to pass certification examinations, you can eliminate a lot of the problems associated with hiring a temporary crane operator.

2. Certified crew members can help you avoid fines.

Although members of your crew might be able to operate a crane, unless these crewmen are certified, they should never be allowed to sit at the controls.

You never know when a representative from your municipal government will conduct a surprise inspection of your work site. If the inspector discovers that an uncertified crewman is operating a crane, you could be facing serious fines and penalties. Avoid these fines by ensuring your workers are certified to operate a crane.

3. Having certified crew members operate a crane increases safety.

Maintaining a safe working environment is a top priority for all construction crews. When your crew members complete the certification process required to operate a crane, they are able to use these large pieces of equipment in a safe manner.

Crew members must be able to calculate maximum load capacities, maneuver various types of cranes, and demonstrate the ability to spot potential problems during a pre-operation inspection of a crane. These skills can help to prevent accidents on your construction sites in the future.

While it might seem too costly to get your crew members certified to operate cranes, investing in the certification process can actually save you money by eliminating the need to hire an outside operator and the potential for fines and reducing the potential for accidents on your construction sites.

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