3 Ways A Mobile Crane Can Save You Money

When you need to lift heavy materials to a certain height, a crane is required. Crane rentals allow construction companies to access an affordable piece of equipment that can perform the tasks required to complete any construction project.

There are a few different types of cranes available for rent. The most popular include a tower crane and a mobile crane. If you are hoping to reduce your overhead costs in order to generate more profit from your next construction project, opt for a mobile crane to meet your lifting needs.

1. Faster Setup

One of the major benefits that a mobile crane can offer is the ability to quickly set the piece of equipment up on your job site. A tower crane can take several days to install, while a mobile crane can be up and working within a matter of hours.

By reducing the amount of time required to setup your crane, you can reduce the amount of money that you pay out in wages for labor. You will also eliminate wasted time that could be spent furthering the progress of your project.

2. Less Downtime

Whenever you are working with heavy machinery on a construction site, the potential for something to go wrong is present. A problem with your crane could stall your entire construction process. Mobile cranes can reduce the amount of downtime you experience if a crane you have rented malfunctions.

A tower crane must be deconstructed before it can be repaired. This can take an incredible amount of time and put your project way behind schedule. If a mobile crane malfunctions, you can simply swap out the truck for a new one and be back to work quickly.

3. Increased Versatility

Construction projects that take place in urban settings can be challenging to complete. You will be working within the confines of existing structures, limiting the amount of space that you have to work with.

A mobile crane can easily fit through narrow passageways as you move it from one part of your job site to another. This allows you to tackle even the most cramped construction projects with ease.

The versatility of a mobile crane prevents you from turning away urban construction projects, reducing the amount of money your company loses each year.

Mobile cranes have the potential to increase the success of your construction company by cutting overhead spending. Ask your heavy equipment dealer about mobile crane options for your next construction project.

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