Automated Grinding Machines: Common Faqs

Automating certain processes within a machine shop or manufacturing setup can change everything about how a business operates. Robot grinding machine manufacturers provided automated grinder systems that have been making waves in certain industries. If you have yet to take the time to learn about these systems, it is a good idea to get some of the general information right away. Here is a look at some of the most common questions people have about robotic grinders and the answers you should know. 

How efficient is the robotic grinding process?

One of the biggest advantages for the companies who bring one of these automated machines into their business is the fact that productivity can be increased and overall efficiency can be improved. The robotic grinding process is considered to be one of the most efficient advancements and machining technology of a modern day. The single investment could revolutionize how many pieces can be handled within your production on a daily basis. When pieces otherwise have to be individually grinding, production can be much slower because the grinding process can actually take so long to achieve. 

Can automatic grinders handle different types of materials?

Automated grinders can perform well on various types of materials, whether that material has to be ground with a soft or light touch or if it needs a more aggressive abrasive action. The machines can be set to different predetermined restrictions and operations to ensure it works well for the intended application. For instance, if the grinder is simply being used to buff scratches from a piece of copper with an excruciatingly light touch, this would be possible to achieve with the right settings. Likewise, the grinder can be used to grind something denser, such as a cast-iron piece that needs notches removed. 

How are automated grinders compared to handheld grinders?

According to The Fabricator, automated or robotic grinders can actually offer a better end result simply because the process can be so "tightly controlled" with automated grinders, which is not always possible with handheld versions. The machine can have a precisely adjusted pressure, speed of rotation, and more. Handheld or manually operated grinders still rely on human operation or control, which is never going to be quite as consistent as a machine. For example, something like hand fatigue can change how much pressure a human uses when operating a handheld grinder, but this would never be an issue with an automated version. 

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