4 Indicators You Need Crane Repair Services

A crane is possibly the most used equipment in your construction firm. This is because you constantly have to move and lift materials during various construction projects. However, when your crane stops functioning as expected, your project could stall. Therefore, you need to learn how to spot problems and contact the repair service team. The following are four signs you need crane repair services.

1. Corrosion

Over time, some parts of your cranes, including wires, screws, joints, and bearings, can rust, especially if most of your projects are in humid environments. This can weaken your crane and reduce its efficiency. Therefore, if you notice signs of rust, even if it's on a few screws, you should seek professional help.

The expert can replace the rusty parts and coat your equipment with anti-rust paint. Besides, they will guide you on how to cover or shelter your crane during rains or snowfall.

2. Broken or Loose Parts

Your crane's parts can break or become loose due to the stress from lifting heavy loads for hours. For example, the chain links can wear out, posing a significant safety risk since they can break when lifting materials. Therefore, if your crane has loose or broken parts, you need to get crane repair services. In addition, it is crucial to regularly inspect your crane, examining both small and large parts to identify these issues on time. You should also encourage your operators to always check crucial parts like the hoses, brakes, pads, and clutch before starting the equipment.

3. Wheel Issues

Your crane wheels can also develop problems that can affect the performance of your crane. First, the truck wheels are affected by wear and tear and need replacement. In addition, the wheels may become misaligned, increasing the chances of accidents or equipment failure. If you notice any of these wheel problems, you should seek crane repair services. The professionals will replace your wheels or align them to enhance performance.

4. Electrical System Problems

Most of the functions of a crane are powered by electrical systems. Unfortunately, the electrical system can also develop issues after some time and need repairs. For example, you can experience issues with your connector, collector, and contact bars. This can be caused by several problems, such as wheel misalignment, corrosion, or carbon graphite buildup.

The control buttons might also stop responding due to electrical connection problems. Fortunately, a crane repair expert can help you solve these electrical issues and prevent further damages.

If your crane has any of these issues, you need to seek crane repair services. Ensure you work with a crane service provider. It is also important to hire a repair technician to inspect your crane periodically.

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