Things You May Want to Consider When Purchasing a New Tractor

Tractors are not exclusively used in agriculture, though that is where most people see them. A good John Deere tractor can be used by a road repair crew, construction sites, agricultural, livestock, and other farms. Tractors have many different uses and are available in many sizes and power ranges, so selecting the right one can be tricky.

Tractor Size

When you start looking for a tractor for your needs, you will first have to decide how large a machine you need or if there are limitations of the size based on where it needs to go or be used. Often, tractors come in different chassis sizes, and you may be surprised just how large some of the tractors are, so taking a trip to the John Deere dealer can be enlightening.

If you have size restrictions that you are concerned about, take the measurements of the space with you to the dealer so they can show you tractors in the size range you need to meet your use requirements. The tractor you need may not be as big as you thought it would be, but even some of the smaller machines on the market make enough power to do many different jobs. 

Once you have selected a chassis or series, you can start to look at the power options and choose an engine from several in most John Deere tractors. It is essential to understand that the engine's power rating can be a little deceiving, and most tractors do not need huge engines because of the gearing they use to deliver the power to the ground. The dealer can help you determine the power range for your application and may recommend something you had not considered, so make sure to ask any questions you have while you are there.

Accessories, Implements, and Attachments

When considering John Deere tractors for your needs, you may find that the tractor you need changes based on the tools that you can use on it. If you require specific implements or attachments for the machine, you need to check with your dealer to see if they are available for the tractors you are considering. 

Most attachments require a specific amount of power to make them work correctly, so if you are looking at smaller machines to save space, you may not be able to use the specific implements that you need. In some cases, the manufacturer may make a line of attachments sized to fit your machine, but it is crucial that they will still do the job you need them to.

Talk with the John Deere dealer about what you need the tractor for, what attachments you will use, and any restrictions you have so they can recommend the best machine for your situation. 

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